Uname is a company comprised of engineers and support personnel with a passion for creating tools that solve real-world problems. With a combined experience of 30 plus years, our staff is dedicated to delivering innovative and creative service solutions with a commitment to service first.

The Team
At Uname, we have assembled a team of proven leaders, engineers, sales and marketing professionals and expert technicians. Every team member is dedicated to providing our customers with more choice, flexibility and control.

Tonya Bucher
Co-Founder, Managing Partner, COO
Tonya has a BA in Business & Marketing and a JD from Northwestern University.
Before co-founding Uname, Tonya served as VP of Business Development for A3 Telecom.

James Ozone
Co-Founder, CSTO
James is a 30-year veteran of "all things not desktop support" but including everything from network design to software engineering to technical writing, with an emphasis on protocol translators, decoders, and automated data processing. Bill holds certification in BCNE, BCNP, and all 5 of the HIT roles. In his copious spare time, he enjoys fabricating luminous artwork with LEDs.

Jan Brown
Co-Founder, Vice President of Finance
Having worked for United Airlines for 20 years, Jan ventured out into the realm of start-ups. Spending 5 years in Seattle working with Adaptiva, Jan brings her strategic knowledge of finance to Uname.

See What Our Clients Are Saying

"Uname gives me peace of mind on and off of the job. I know they will be there any time that I need their support. The professionalism of everyone and the quality of work that went into this call to make sure that all details were correct before the site engineer was dispatched was excellent." -- Aaron, IT Manager, Hardware Support

"Uname has always been there for me with what I need. I can always count on my account manager to provide me with good solutions for the hardware I need, when I need it." -- Dr Vally, Owner, VMG

"Uname sets the bar very high in quality of product, service and pricing. They strives to re-invent themselves to keep pace with the changes and advancements in technology." -- Judy, Owner, Insurance Co.