Among the first jobs for a project manager is identifying the scope of a project - in other words, define in detail what the project is supposed to accomplish.

The project scope should be identified in a detailed description identifying and describing all major deliverables and any project boundaries.
It needs to include sufficient information for the project team to produce the desired product on time and within budget. In general, the project scope is determined early in the project management processes, documented and agreed upon by all project stakeholders.

Next, a project manager must prepare a schedule, assigning tasks to team members and setting deadlines for each task.
At Uname we have found that getting buy-in from everyone at this point is one of the keys to success.

Even when there's a clearly defined project scope, you still have to beware of scope creep. This phenomenon generally tends to occur when new features are added to product designs that have already been approved, without providing equivalent increases in budget, time and/or resources.

Uname has a proven track record for successfully handling scope creep and other obstacles that come up. Call us for examples of successful projects and to answer any questions you may have.