Interlook is a simple network monitoring utility which uses SNMP probes to perform basic health checks against one or more network targets. State changes trigger an email notification; the current overall state can be viewed on as a web page. Because only "generic" MIBs such as RFC1213 and RFC1514 are used, virtually any device which supports SNMP can be monitored.

When used with a UNIX-style host which includes an SNMP daemon, interlook can check that specific processes are running and generate alerts when swap or disk utilization exceeds a specified threshold. Service checks can be configured using arbitrary command-line utilities to verify that services are actually being provided.

At the core of interlook is a library which provides a dictionary abstraction for raw SNMP probes; besides being spare and efficient, this approach avoids the problems that can arise when a vendor MIB is inaccurate along with common MIB installation issues (compatibility, ordering). As a side effect, dictionaries can be built by reverse-engineering the raw probe data when a vendor MIB is not available. (This interlook dictionary driver later evolved into the SNMP core for autoCall.)

Documentation for interlook can be downloaded here, source code is available on request.