SiteMesh generates a matched set of device configurations for a fully-meshed VPN using a mixture of Cisco IOS, PIX or ASA devices (including ASA 8.3 and above). The network is defined as a single high-level template; each location may have multiple internal networks with different security postures.

The following configuration features are supported:

  • interface (address/mask, automatic VLAN trunking)
  • Access control (access-list, access-group)
  • VPN (tunnel-group, group-policy, crypto-map, dialup or L2L)
  • NAT (modern "object NAT", legacy nat/global pool, NAT exemption)
  • Exposed services (automatic access-list and NAT)

With a complete template, configurations rendered by SiteMesh are complete and ready-to-install; the completed configuration may also be used as a baseline for customization. A brief whitepaper which describes SiteMesh in more detail is available here; a sample template can be seen here.

Access to the SiteMesh portal is available on request.